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Petroleum Resin

Petroleum Resin

Petroleum Resin is a byproduct of ethylene cracking plant of petrochemical plants.
Depending on starting materials of the processing plant and mixing of other components with certain proportions, petroleum resin with different properties is made by polymerization reaction process.

Due to the complex compounds mixture, different types of petroleum resin with varying purity, color and softening temperature point is produced. These varying factors dictate the suitability for final usage in different industrial areas.

The well known varieties of petroleum resin are known as following:

PR1 and PR2 are suitable for rubber industries due to their darker and deeper color varying in color index numbers from 10 to 18 and softening temperature point from 80 to 140 degrees centigrade.

C9 petroleum resin is a light to yellowish color product varying in color index numbers from 8 to 12 and softening temperature point from 90 to 120 degrees centigrade.

C5 petroleum resin is lighter in color than the C9 product varying in color index numbers from 5 to 9 and with softening temperature point from 90 t0 120 degrees centigrade.

Hydrogenated petroleum resin, is a colorless to very light color product varying in color index numbers from 1 to 7 with softening temperature point from 90 to 110 degrees centigrade. This product is also referred to as the C5-H petroleum resin.


Petroleum resin is used in a variety of industries such as :

Asphalt Additive
Hot Melt Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives like Tapes
Inks for deep printing and waterproofing
Oil Fields
Paints, Putties and Sealants
Road Marking Paints
Well Drilling