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Iron Oxide Pigments
Ultramarine Blue
Petroleum Resin
Mineral Powders

JP IMPEX International LLC believes that packaging is of outmost importance and considerations for both shipping and direct production line handling.

Standard packaging is taken into considerations for all our products.  Different packaging criteria are used to choose the best fit material and form of packaging depending on the nature and usage of each product.

We discuss and welcome packaging basics and ideas with our customers all around the world depending on their needs and preferences. Different customers may need or prefer certain packaging materials based on their special end use criteria and environmental considerations.

Different types of bags made of variety of materials such as PE, lined or coated woven PP, lined and multi layered kraft paper bags and jumbo bags are available and used for different products.

Normal packaging weight for bags is 25 kg per bag and jumbo bags depending on the physical  properties of different products are filled up to a net weight of  500 kg to 1000 kg  each.