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Chemical Formula: ZnS+BaSO4
Lithopone is a barium and zinc white pigment in powder form made up of Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) and Barium Sulfate ( BaSO4|).
The two more common types of lithopone powder are B301 and B311. The type B301 contains a minimum of 28|% ZnS which is also more commonly known as 28-30% type. The type B311 contains minimum of 30% ZnS which is also known as the 30% Lithopone. The remaining make of Lithopne pwder is Barium Sulfate ( BaSO4).

Applications of Lithopone

Lithopone is an excellent universal white powder used in a wide range of industries as a filler and a whiting powder.
Some of the more common industries using lithopone powder are industries such as paints, building materials, coatings, papers, plastics and rubbers.