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Iron Oxide Pigments
Ultramarine Blue
Petroleum Resin
Iron Oxide Pigments

Black Iron Oxide


Brown Iron Oxide


Green Iron Oxide


Orange Iron Oxide


Red Iron Oxide


Yellow Iron Oxide


Iron Oxide pigments are classified as inorganic pigments produced synthetically to suit and satisfy a demanding wide range of industries.
The high quality and color fastness of Iron Oxide pigments have long made them the ideal material for the paints, ceramics, porcelain, and building industries as well other industries such as rubbers, plastics and coatings.
The anti rust properties of Iron Oxide pigments is one of long known properties for metal surface protection against harsh environmental damages caused by humidity, weak acid effects and other factors causing permanent damage.
Another factor making Iron Oxide pigments attractive is the suiting nature of their colors and wide range of color shades. The colors range are bright to mat reds, browns, yellows, blacks and ferric greens.